Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Have Lens. Will Travel. The work of Kelly Doering and Stick People Productions.

Kelly Doering of Stick People Productions, link below, has been documenting the lives of truckers.  I found his work both fully human but also quite beautiful.  This is an unabashed look at the sometimes lonely lives of those who are nomadic, live on the road and already this work is capturing change as it impacts the industry. For instance many truckstops no longer have sit down restaurants but only a selection of fast food offerings, eliminating the one element of human contact available to drivers--the waitress who calls ya hon, suga' and darling.  How I loved them gals.

The two of us hope to collaborate on a documentary project later this year involving poetry, language, and yes....Truckers!  Stay tuned.

Kelly is available to wok on a wide range of projects and almost all of his work is available for purchase.

You can contact him below. 

All images are copyrighted by Kelly Doering and are used with permission.

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