Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Stuck on Image and

I've tried super hard not to clutter up my back window with decals and stickers. This time.

Of course, 4 years into ownership of my current rig. I think I've doing pretty well.

Or at least I was. Sure there was the Cowboy Up stickers. I had to have that.

Cowboy Up has been my license plate for several decades. Before the movie or the clothing or the stick em ups.

And my grandmother left me with a couple Rodeo Naked Stickers, which is funnest to profile when my parents are riding around with me. You know the semi retired Lutheran minister and his ex Spokane Rodeo Princess wifester. My mom scrunches up her nose and gets this funny look....and complains about how hard it is to get into my truck, but then I turn on the heated seats and the surround your butt sound, and all is well. Eventually she forgets, as we pull into the church parking lot, that all her fellow worshippers now know she is one to Rodeo Naked.

God bless her.

But I digress.

Then along comes Image Journal. Who can't fall in love with the tag line "Beauty Will Save the World"?

I mean really.

As many of my long time readers know I struggle mightily with the church. I see the institution as a lost cause. I see the doctrine of denominational belief as self serving, conveniently absent when misery falls down, and selective in the interpretation of belief, faith, and compassion.

I mostly don't go to church. I mostly don't have much time for organized religion. I mostly don't believe in the concept of human morality.

I do believe in the message of Christ. And my belief begins and ends there.

So along comes Greg Wolfe and the Image Journal. Someone who is willing to scale the walls of mystery, meaning, and beauty from a spiritual position and question, well...everything.

I realize not everyone in the Image Posse is going to embrace everything I bring to the table, and I will most likely not embrace everything they present me. But that table is mighty big and mighty illuminated and what do you know, it even offers open seating.

So head on over to Image Journal and see if a little beauty can't just save your world.
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