Saturday, November 19, 2011

False. Prophet.

I struggle with Evangelicals--even those who are not associated with losers like Scott Lively contribute to the validity of his ministry when they do not condemn him.

I just graduated from an Evangelical school, as the first openly gay person in my program. At times I'd rush into class with a very bad attitude, anger boiling over, at the endless death committed in the name of Christ. The gay bashings. The violence. The doublespeak in which code words like "special rights" and "family values" were used to dehumanize myself and people I cared about.

My fellow students protested my anger. They said,  "that's not us."

Yet I also saw no counter opposition form.

So yeah, silence in my mind still equals death.

Special Rights has no room for utterance if you believe in the beauty of the hymn Just As I Am. You just can't have it both ways.

Sure, some of these terms are now seen as so ridiculous they have lost favor. Still, the silence coming from the Evangelical Community remains deafening.

Scott Lively and his Abiding Truth Ministries is about Hate Speech, and the formation of a Hate Group, just as the American Family Association is now defined also representative of hatred by the Southern Poverty Law Center. If you're an evangelical, this is pretty embarrassing, huh.

Oh I know, some people, who still are without conscience will try to pass this off as liberal gerrymandering.

But what they can't pass off is the death toll that has resulted from an atmosphere of hatred fostered by these groups. Suicide. Gay Bashings. Those numbers are real. And as some evangelicals attempt to claim the armour of victim hood they have no occurrence of Christian Bashing or murder to cite. It hasn't happened. Not here. Not Ever.

Lively, along with other groups, are directly responsible for creating the environment that lead to the deaths of gay activists in Uganda.

The only reversal of progress against the spread of HIV in Africa occurred when US Evangelicals directly supported a disinformation campaign that lead to a drop in Condom use.

Silence will always equal death.

Hat tip Joe My God and Towleroad

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