Monday, September 05, 2011

That big wide open song of songs...

I was chatting tonight, just passing time cus some nights I just can't find serenity. And sleep is at least seven exits back. The creek is rising and the fill dirt is sinking. It goes down something like that. So he was a farm boy, a nice guy from Kansas. And I know that country. And Over the Rhine, well hell they too must have been down that highway. At least once. And this song is haunting and keeps me entranced. And up all night, because I can't resolve the long surrender. So it lands here again... This, if there was to be a last song, would be my first wish for a final dance. Karen could keep time on the expansion joints of some long lost kansas highway, on any old run between nowhere and anywhere shy of here. Singing songs of somewhere, just short of perfect, a place you wished you'd rather be, but-- for what ever reason,you just can't. I know that song better than most. And that's why this song, is more beautiful that just about anything I've heard all year. Which in my case, is saying something.

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