Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Love of Lost Causes...

Yeah, we've all had 'em. Those souls that drift into our lives, the one's we fall in love with. The ones we knew we shouldn't, maybe not at first, but eventually the signs were all there. Our fatal attractions, they have no issue with moving on, pursuing self-destruction, or allowing others to take ownership of the wreckage.

But, without our willlingness to sign on as being a co dependent poster child, even as we turn and run, we still can't help our temptation to just one last time--pivot and look back...

And still wonder...

What if.

I am such a fan of Over the Rhine. They put the same things into words, efficiently, that I can, and have, spent 25 pages trying to write.

The Story I penned years back, Smack Out Pass comes to mind.

Written about a person, who in the face of irony, remains ever present and haunting in my life some ten years later.

Over the Rhine captures that same emotion, the stirring and unsettling quality of the anguish of a lost cause. Yep, it's all right there. Waiting to be cried over. Again.

Smack Out Pass can be found here:


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