Thursday, November 11, 2010

You can lead a vice officer to the Seattle Eagle but you can't make him think. I mean drink. I mean---nevermind.

"...Under vague state liquor rules, agents even have authority to penalize bars for employees baring butt cracks. In other words, officers employ wide discretion: In some cases, agents can slap a serious violation on a gay bar that's trying to follow state rules (even letting the state screen videos for approval) while giving a bar where real-live breasts are exposed a mere warning.

But Susan Reams, spokeswoman for the WSLCB, likes this degree of discretion. She says, "It's a good thing." Asked whether discretion benefits law enforcement or licensees, she would only say, "An officer is going to be trained to make the best and fairest decision possible in the situation."
Seattle Stranger Blog~The Slog.

This is ridiculous.  This is why tax payers are angry---that we pay people to use this complete lack of discretion.  That we are paying enforcement officers to watch "r" rated movies and then, our cheerful "It's-a- good-thing Susan Reams" celebrates that the officers have discretion so they can turn around and still go badge happy.

Oh yeah, and another development---the Seattle Police Officer that fatally shot the intoxicated Indian---the one who was armed only with a pocket knife and was one of Seattle's best known Native American wood carvers---well it now turns out that the officers provacation for the shooting was a bunch of BS.  Investigators have determined that the knife wasn't even extended (we now find out), and the Seattle Police Officer murdered a guy in cold blood.

So much for "discretion".

Oh yes and one other very important question:

What defines "real live breasts"?  It seems very sketchy---how is one to know if they are:



I think I got the breast part covered.  Sort of.

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Anonymous said...

While it my seem lame to post you tube clips to answer questions. Ya got to admit it works. This one splains cops attitudes.

They run this place you just get to live here.

Pat from NY