Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hope in Christiandom

From the Image Article:

"...Imam Feisal elaborated on the way in which ihsan is an ethical term for Muslims: Qur’anic beauty is goodness. He quoted from the Qur’an edfa bilati ahsanu (“repel ugliness with beauty”), where beauty means good behavior, with ugliness as its opposite. “My spiritual journey,” he told us, “has led me to look at the world through God’s eyes. Which means looking at oneself through the eyes of the other. What God sees isn’t the religions. What God sees are two groups of people, those who are on the good or the bad side, right hand or left hand, whether you are behaving ethically or not—whether you are beautiful or ugly in your ethics, no matter what your religion may be.”

Jesus famously describes people cast to the right or left hand on Judgment Day in Matthew 25. The criteria he lists are how we have treated “the least of these” among us.

But how often do we think of these criteria in terms of beauty and ugliness? The Qur’an’s “repel ugliness with beauty” helps us read our own Christian scripture in terms of a moral imperative to act in beauty..."
 peggy rosenthal

For those of you "we are the worlders " that gave me crap about linking to Image, and running around with "haters" take this.

And love on it.

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