Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Less than a month until departure...Hiking

Soon enough Ron will be hitting the road.  He doesn't know yet whether his journey south will be by semi truck, a via friends, or courtesy of his folks but just getting to the beginning of this journey will take some doing.  Ron live up near the Canadian Border.  Not to far from Idaho. And the guy needs to travel from Washington State, near the 49th parallel all the way to the Mexican Border.

Oh yeah, and remember this:

Ron's doing this wearing 26 donated wedding gowns.

He will hike over 2600 miles-basically the entire length of the Pacific Crest Trail. Starting in California, crossing all of Oregon, and finaling out inWashington, hopefully before the snow flies. All this hiking, to be completed in a single season.

Basically, 26 weeks.

Will the gowns go the distance?

A few weeks ago Ron dropped by to show me the gowns.  Each has some sort of story associated with them and they've been donated from all across the country.  Some of these gowns have incredibly heart wrenching stories associated with them.

Oh and there's an elementary class that's been following his progress.  Radio Stations have interviewed him.

And for the last month and a half, Ron quit his job and he's spent a significant amount of time altering wedding dresses.  You know fun stuff like removing thousands of beads, altering hems, and trying to make the dresses trail worthy.

And as Ron's been altering the gowns he shows me the amount of work involved and the environmental stewardship behind these efforts....Because it's so not cool to leave a thousand beads or lace or fabric on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Please support him.  Buy decals, t shirts and hoodies.  Contribute.

And stay tuned for additional updates.

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