Friday, November 25, 2011

Home. For the holidays.

This year I had the esteemed privilege of being the guest of honor at the Children's Table.  It's not like this is an unfamiliar seating arrangement for me.  I am often at the children's table. I find it to be the wisest seat in the house. You learn things.  Say for instance about the versatility of, well, red jello.  Not just anyone can wear it with dignity you know.

And this year I was super happy to be home for the holidays.  Well it was sorta home. 

As a family we all met up at my brother in law's, mother's, boyfriend's place.  His name is Dave.  He made an awesome dinner, and compared to years past it was a mostly quiet and orderly event, with just one, er...slight disaster.  That would be Dave, who this morning was sporting third degree burns from something involving a mishap involving Mashed Taters.  Not good, that.

This is Derek.  He loves Hot Wheels.  I love him. We took a small video about his Hot Wheels fix, which I hope to post here soon.  After we cleared dinner dishes away, we sorta borrowed from our friends the Berendt's in Pend Oreille County, and their Christmas tradition of the "pre-Christmas", Christmas present. As traditions go, this thing rocks. You know, it gives you an out, in case ya get gypped and land on the naughty list at the last moment. Like, when it's too late to fix things, no one goes home without some love.

Last night, Derek got alot of love. A set of 20 brand spanking new Hot Wheels.  And we still have nearly a month to go until the big guy shows up....

And last but not least, my totally awesome sis Kellie.  If you've been to FACEBOOK you know I sorta referred to her as a "Hottie". Which I guess, when it's your sis, in some eye's is sorta wrong.

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