Saturday, November 05, 2011

The eye's have it...

I never know what to put down on the dmv form when it asks what color my eyes are. Blue? Green? Hazel?

Why isn't "undecided" a choice?

And what color is Hazel? I mean really?

My eyes, even after all the surgery I've had, still change color like a mood ring. I don't know what I'm to make of this, nor have I figured out what color goes with which mood. In fact, most of the time, I can't even see my eyes....unless my nose is touching the damn mirror.

I am near sighted, but with correction, I can only see things in the distance, unless I hold things straight up to my face. I have pairs of eyeglasses hidden all over the house now, because half the time if I take my glasses off, I can't find them, without, well, uh....glasses.

It's the strangest thing...trying to text with the phone basically attached to my forehead. My mom is always going on and on about "put that thing away..."

As in the Christmas Story--It'll poke your eye out.
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