Monday, November 21, 2011

Encore! (I've been looking for a video to accompany this song...)

I's "christian". And that comes with all sorts of unpleasant baggage. I think one of the hardest things to deal with when it comes to Christian Rock is the expectations. We sorta expect perfection and then when these artists prove to be, well, just like everyone else, there is an enormous pile on.

I know Amy Grant took a lot of crap from Evangelicals. You know that whole Vince Gil thing. But my God Vince Gil recorded one of the most beautiful songs to document the pain of AIDS after losing his brother I've ever heard. So I couldn't jusdge her for wanting to spend her life running around with a guy who was so brave as to take Country Western Music and bitch slap it with a taste of reality.

I still have Amy Grant on my play list. And I try not to be so bitter against the church that I can't see the beauty for the corruption, the hot mess of bad theology, and all the agenda's. I like Owl City. I like the message.

A few friends of mine have played in big Christian Rock Bands. They've left the business, some of them are no longer Christians, and they are all bruised and battered from the expectations placed upon them and being judged for every single step they take.

It's easier to perform in secular music. No one expects you to live a fake moral life. And most, don't even try. Thank God.

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