Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Why Blogger Sucks.

Every day it becomes more challenging to use Blogger. It isn't as if my vision, especially in close range is all that great. I have tons of type errors because I have difficulty seeing the screen. I try to type most things in Word, which is usually a bit better, but recently Google has insisted that I used Chrome in order to post on Blogger.

I must tell you that I like using what I know. I rebel against this sort of bait and switch, just to stay somewhat connected to the world. I don't know why corporations must be so dominant in the marketplace that they attempt to extinguish all competition. I like Google. I am sure they are very nice people, and they probably keep up very beautiful corporate lawns, and they might even make donations to causes that I care about....Still... Please, I beg of them...let my browswer go!


Kelly Doering said...

Tim, if you need to see larger type on your screen, simply click ALT + (the plus sign) to enlarge the page in the browser. Click ALT - (minus sign) to reduce the size of the page. This might help when entering posts.

Kelly Doering said...

Tim, to enlarge the page within the browser and see the type better click ALT + (plus sign) and subsequently to reduce the size of the page within the browser click ALT - (minus sign)