Saturday, October 08, 2011

Little Photoshoppe of Horrors


For those of you who follow me on Facebook, a few days back I posted a bit about getting roped into taking mom to the mall and losing 6 hours of my life there. Time that I will never get back...Even as mom got her hair done at Gene Juarez, cruised over to Macy's for cosmetic infusions, and then landed at the women's shoes dept, where she finally parted with the gift card I gave her like three years ago, I tried to find somewhere comfortable to sit and not get cornered into a fashion intervention.

So yes, I might have been bitching about this...time well wasted...on the facebook.

And someone in Oregon, who should have been concentrating on their chemistry labs, instead wound up pursuing this little burst of creative energy and this is what resulted.

Mom got a new hairdo. New Foundation. New Pumps. And I? Well I got an extreme make over.

Revenge, it shall be sweet.

The artist Mike.  Mug posted below.

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