Sunday, October 09, 2011

I love this...

Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing makes me happier than seeing self-proclaimed "Values Voter" candidates go down in flames.  Especially if they are flamers.

The link below, first found on blogactive, Mike Rogers site, is beautiful.

Faith by its nature, especially if it is true faith, always equals an acceptance of individual hypocrisy.  No one can measure up to the standards of righteousness that we judge one another by. Closets have doors, and the motivation behind true belief are richly found in the wreckage of human failure.  To reach a status of purity, any purity is and will always be circumspect. This I find this "I'm better than you" race to salvation by artificial standards of purity particularly offensive. 

This is why grace rules. This is why we are all in this together.  I am stuck with the likes of hypocrits such as Pat Robertson and Sarah Palin.  And like it or not, they are stuck with gay Christians such as the likes of me.

I try to live as best as I can, but I live knowing that it is a broken journey of mis steps and unfortunate outcomes. I despise current conservative leanings.  These are people who are deeply invested in kidding themselves and the rest of us.

Thus, any judgment directed at our fellow neighbors, their walk, their journey, and the status of their belief, faith, and relationship with God, is an unveiling of repeated beautiful failure.  We are all naked before God. 
And when we claim to be righteous before one another, we also end up naked.

I've been close to the church my entire life.  I have seen so many secrets and hot mess scandals,
I want nothing to do with the institution of organized religion or the current status of conservative politics.

Let the truth, win out. And may Mr Perry enjoy his moment in the spotlight.


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