Monday, October 10, 2011

A darn good read...Rookie Dad.

This is David Jacobsen's first book. 

For any guy who still has lingering questions that fatherhood represents the most courageous journey, this book is a reassuring and kind trail guide to fatherhood, the investment in relationship required to make parenting work and sometimes, an honest revelation that sometimes even the best fathers may not have all the answers.

In the fine tradition of shameless plugs, let me offer that I know Jacobsen, and he is both a gentle soul, an accomplished writer and yet his keyboard is armed with an incredibly witty, dry sense of humor.  At times, on first pass, I miss the joke, which often makes it that much better, as this type of refined humor engages the intellect as well as the funny bone.

  David is an author to watch, with a profoundly genuine faith. He comes to the table bearing both witness to his vulnerability and willingness to reexamine previous assumptions and the integrity to defend his core beliefs, and he does so all while also marking his progress with diapers, wit, insight, and compassion.

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