Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kananaskis Moon

She rose to meet me
Spirits having flown
From a town called Restless
Bearing Down
On Full Moon heartache
Layin beside Canadian Prairies
Winter wheat wilting
Under silver Cattle
Blending into shadows
Sound blown down
She calls out
She’s trying to meet me
At the junction of halfway
To nowhere
A month before
The lone coyote
Came anywhere close to
Racing to announce
The Shattering.

It’s been years
Since I’ve heard her
Cuz Restless moved on
But the sky still owns us.
When the moon dances
Across the Selkirks
Leaving the plains behind
In blackness
Her light still rises,
Cresting, Circling the wagons 
Until she settles in.
Dreams and prophesies.
Poetry of Ghosts
Who still wander lost.
Like Still life falling.
Out there
Somewhere in no man’s land

I remember Moonbeams
I remember daydreams
I remember sunbeams
I remember stolen things
That I can’t remember now
I remember hard times
I remember soft times
I remember wind chimes
I remember no time
That I can’t remember now

To Dianne Funk, Canadian poet...

copywrite 2011
Timothy Anderson

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