Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's a Jeep Thang...

My friend Sean sent these to me this morning.  After he dissed my former Jeep "lil red ride em good the third" on Facebook. Apparently she never got enoough 4x4 bling on her thing.  That don't mean she didn't see stuff that a girl of her raisings just weren't meant to see.  At least not without good tow coverage and a reliable jack.

And I do seem to remember one trip that involved five, yes count them, five flat tires.

Of course, Sean can back up his teasing.  Because as these photos and youtube video's prove, his Jeep has been places.   Places that are dirty, and that give a hard ride--places that might even require a good lube job to finish the day out right.

Enjoy.  And wish you were there. Just as I'm doing.

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