Friday, November 19, 2010

Tom is an ICU head trauma nurse. I would not have hiked up here without his assistance. I've hinted that this has been a rough year as my nervous system keeps going haywire. In the past, a simple stroll such as this would have been a cake walk. But on this hike, I did not find the going easy---which I guess is sort of a wake up call. I love the outdoors. I love the mountains. And as much as I am having to accept that I don't have the stamina, muscle coordination, and strength that I once did---and as the vision changes continue, I also don't want to give up. The docs, of which there are a dozen, are at a complete loss as to what is causing all these seizures, but they also don't know why I've survived so many head injuries so the word grace enters into the discussion.

I'm ok with that.

Still, I don't relish the idea of a couch potato life. I force myself to try to keep going forward and pushing my muscles to remain toned. So with Tom's encouragement I took this stroll up to say a final farewell to a glacier that might not remain on my next pass by this way.

A bit of humble acceptance was the by-product of this jaunt. And a grateful nod toward a creator who gave me a good day, so I could make the entire trip.

Great Basin National Park is in the middle of nowhere. It's worth seeing. I recommend bringing along a guy named Tom. Just in case.
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