Friday, November 19, 2010

Rock Glacier. Or all that remains of it. Within the next few years, it will most likely go extinct. Climate change, I believe is not something that man influences as much as he'd like to think he does. Ten thousand years ago, where my home currently sits, massive ice dams formed. As the last Ice Age became a memory, these dams broke and reformed over a period of roughly a thousand years. Each time the dam failed, the resulting flood waters roared out of Montana, Idaho, and extreme eastern Washington. The force of these floods equaled all the combined flows of all the rivers in the world. The waters roared west at between 120 and 60 miles and hour and were over 200 feet deep. The mighty Columbia River changed course under this assault. The floods created Palouse Falls, The Gardner Caves, and much of the landscape that is the stunning Columbia River Gorge.

Do a google search on the Missoula Floods and then ask yourself---Hmmm...Well if there weren't carbon engines ten thousand years ago creating global warming, and if the earth still warmed enough to create the great scablands, depositing gigantic boulders five hundred miles downstream in the middle of the Willamette Valley, or way up on the Waterville Plateau, then maybe, uh, isn't Al Gore on crack?

And maybe, just maybe, he is.

Climate Change happens. Sure, man does have influence over the environment---we can nuke it and pollute it, and sub divide it into eternity, but ma nature holds the trump card.

Think about that when you arrogantly fork over your old stuff for the new, better "green" stuff. How much energy are you using in hauling all that crap to the dump, and how much energy is wasted and pollution created in the production of that new hybrid bubble car, that new mercury filled lightbulb, or the new super cool materials made out of stuff you've never heard of---all that "not so green" stuff used to build that new "green" home, business, or factory? Consumption happens.  And when it happens, none of it is "green".

Do you think this is the next big scam? Sorta like family values, tea party Republicans, and Sarah Palin---the media working girl who is NOT from Alaska but hails from the exact mid point in Idaho known as Sandpoint--- between Ruby Ridge (near Naples, Idaho) and the former Aryean Nations Compound (Hayden, Idaho)? Why the media hasn't pointed this out, is a bit---uh freaky.
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