Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Let the whorebells ring...

I'm sorry, but voting for the democrats in the last election helped us how? What did they accomplish? The only church bells ringing in Washington DC these days are the whorebells.

I'm completely sympathetic with the voters who stood up, held their nose, and sent a different candidate to office as a protest message.  Obama has shown zero humility.  We've been played like a one-night-stand, gay.com hook up. The democratic leadership and the talking heads continue to blame the left when really the legs in the air pointing to the prostate festival are those in the middle, who've shown their party favors to the banks, the insurance companies, and the conservatives they've compromised with.  It is this prostitution that has led us to bail in those districts where we've endured such behavior.

Please don't tell me "you don't understand how Washington works". 

I do outreach among sex workers, I've seen plenty of prostitution and this is exactly what it looks like.  The gay community is the workin' gal that's just been thrown out of a moving vehicle by the john who refused to pay up after services were rendered.  Indeed the women I work with have far more honor than anyone in Washington DC right now. 

I said this a few days ago---here in rural America, as well as the heartland, the dems have done nothing for us.

Signorile would be well advised to get his ass on the road again, and this time write about it honestly.  Drive by the shuttered factories.  Talk to all the truckers who've seen their rigs repo'd.  Talk to the gays in the heartland who no longer have health insurance, a home, or even a job that pays more than 9 bucks an hour---if they are even that lucky.  Signorile is so clueless as he is completely insulated. It matters not that Rosie calls in, because the dems had the chance to do everything under the sun to address gay civil rights and they did nothing.  Why reward that?  It's such a simple concept.  People do nothing---they get fired.

We as a community did everything right and our reward was to get thrown out of a moving vehicle? 

I find it sad Signorile doesn't understand the reality that for some people, the luxury of having a meal on the table will have to suffice especially after the last two years.

If them dems grow a pair and repeal DADT, push through the return of former tax rates for those making more than 250k ( who, by the way, have done nothing to restart this economy but sit on their cash) and do something about off shoring and outsourcing during the lame duck session, then maybe they will get "the lost voters" back in the next election. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear they are that smart.

We have no immediate future promising civil rights gains, at least not through legislation. The drumming the dems took really demonstrates this is their final wake up call.  Ten to fifteen percent of an electorate is not something to take for granted. I have no doubt that over 31% of the community voted for the elephant in the room and its not because they are full of the homophobia or selfishness or think kids committing suicide is a OK.

We voted for the republicans because, honey, if you're working in the oldest profession in the world, a girl needs to get paid.

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