Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's only been two years but the guy that many felt they'd like to have a beer with was just on Oprah

Funny that.  They didn't mention this:

Here's the best review I've seen of the Bushwhacked performance of Oprah:

"A leader can not panic man, because people are looking at you man!"

And what happened to hope that just one DA would prosecute?  To the work the author first linked above, following in the tracks of  the bestselling NYTIMES book dedicated to restoring the "rule of law?"



The facts:

And the books.

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Anonymous said...

I actually forced my self to watch
a Bush interview. I kept hearing the word I I I when he mentioned other people it was only in passing as to what he was doing. Talking about how history was gonna judge him.

The man is a sociopath narcissist .

But then to be fair a lot of politicians are.

Pat from NY