Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Steens, at about mid point. Once upon a time the feds decided that this should be a national park. On top, the road is not usually open until July. It is also capable of destroying a vehicle because its washboarded, has massive potholes and subject to wash outs. I've seen the wind pick up small rocks, hurling them of the crest shown in this picture. Yet, on top three massive gorges begin, moving away from the crest and toward the high desert the lies on the other side. This is amazing country, with a diversity that is difficult to portray in pictures. The quality of the rock is so intense that pilots are not permitted to fly over this area using instriments because it messes with their navigation systems. I've seen wild horses here, wilder men, and magnificent wildlife.

In a rare moment of sanity, the feds backed off from making this area a natural park. The ranchers, they figured, have a vested interest in maintaining this country and the land leases are maintained by the BLM to satisfy that purpose. A person, if so inclinded might have to navigate a hundred miles of bad road to see this view...but it truly is worth it. Just as most bad roads ulitmately produce a memory not usually captured on the Interstate.
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